Top reasons to use Cloud Computing

November 12, 2022

In the technological boom, small and mid-size startups need to apply the latest technology for business development. Cloud hosting is one of the leading choices. It is the fastest-growing IT sector, with the number of businesses increasing by 80% since 2018.

How does cloud technology benefits companies? In the following article, let's find out the top 5 advantages that cloud hosting brings to companies.

1. Security

Why is security the first and foremost advantage to be mentioned? Cloud hosting eliminates the risk of losing data to unexpected events such as fire, flood, or earthquake. On top of that, with the protection of cloud computing, companies' databases will not suffer from cyberattacks and  any other online security threats. Companies will still need to handle their security management in some aspects like creating the password and assigning permission to personnel. However, reducing the risks caused by physical damages, human errors or online threats is already great support to the growth in the long haul for any company this time.

2. Scalability and Flexibility

Imagine you are struggling to purchase and add in more physical servers when your company system is overloaded with business data. You have to cover tons of fees from purchasing devices, hiring more places, and recruiting IT staff for building & maintenance infrastructure. They are all gone with the help of cloud hosting. As a business grows, companies only need to scale their cloud computing plans to gain extra storage with more applications and services provided by the host. It is like upgrading from the basic package to the premium one in purchasing service. Easy-yet-effective scalability to apply.

3. Data Backups

By storing data in the cloud, your company can rest assured knowing backups are in-time ready and waiting in the event of any emergency. Data backups are automated in the system and take place daily. Thus, there is no need to worry that you forget or accidentally delete a data sheet, as all data is already saved.

4. Savings

How can cloud hosting save your company resources? First, let's take a quick look at your IT costs. Those local physical storage machines and hardware don’t maintain themselves. So not only will you have to expand your data storage and hardware, but you will also need to recruit and build up your internal IT team - those will be in charge of operating and maintaining the machines. With that duty comes money. Utilizing the cloud hosting provider will lower the investment in IT hardware and greatly reduce the burden on the in-house IT employees. As a result, your company can put aside lots of resources for other development sections.

5. Latest Technology

Cloud hosting for sure takes excellent advantage of the latest technologies. Your company can integrate and customize the software applications based on your business needs and preferences. Software version and server updates are all under your control & management to be embraced.

It is a matter of keeping your database safe at the lowest cost with your software updated, could hosting do so well in meeting these requirements? With the ever-changing scenario of the technology field, we can expect more and more promising advantages from this type of innovation. Be the pioneering in adapting cloud hosting and your company will surpass in the future.

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